More shared universe franchises

After what I wrote two posts ago, I’ve been thinking about what other franchises would be amenable to the kind of shared movie universes Disney is forging through Marvel and Lucasfilm. Here are some more ideas.



Even before they bought Marvel, Disney was kind of sort of moving in the direction of some sort of shared universe. Gargoyles was originally commissioned to launch Disney’s own action universe as an alternative to buying out Marvel in the 90s, and in fact a big chunk of the second series consisted of episodes carefully designed to be spun off. Alas, it was not to be, and Gargoyles itself gets no love nowadays despite being a good show. There are also the Disney Princesses and Disney Fairies line for younger children, but they have little in the way of continuity.

More recently, Kingdom Hearts, Epic Mickey, and Disney Infinity smooshed wide swathes of Disney together into coherent, action-oriented continuities (Infinity even bringing in Marvel and Lucasfilm), but did it in different ways, and the games themselves appear to be mutually exclusive. With the recent live-action Maleficent, Pan, and Cinderella releases apparently designed to appeal to an older audience, Disney has a golden opportunity to forge a linked movieverse from their core properties, just like Marvel has done. Alternatively a new series of animated movies that all make references to each other, possibly even keeping the older movies in continuity; this has the advantage that it can also include Pixar.

Just whatever form this universe takes, Gargoyles should be in there. Come on Disney, that franchise has life left in it.

GI Joe


As with Transformers, there are hundreds of GI Joe characters. This franchise lends itself well to independent movies in a single universe, with various Joe teams fighting different Cobra plots. The rise of Serpentor even gives it a built-in metaplot.

Even better, GI Joe tends to be in continuity with the contemporary Transformers incarnation, which means they can have actual crossovers, and an even bigger, more awesome expanded universe.

Resident Evil


Yes, I know there are Resident Evil movies already, but I haven’t seen them. Anyway, the games do have certain traits of a shared universe, following different characters as they attempt to survive a zombie outbreak. This has all the ingredients of a shared movie universe, and the timeframe of the first few games means they can take a different approach by having the movies take place in a very short space of time and letting the characters cross paths.

Valiant Comics


Oh, wait. Turns out this is actually happening. I hope it includes Turok, because dinosaurs make everything better.

An original idea

Hey, we know the shared universe can work. Why limit yourself to ideas that have already been done? Embrace creativity! Somebody come up with an entirely original shared universe.

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